About Us


Redstring is committed to becoming the most innovative platform in the world by connecting people, communities and organizations and providing informative content to help them discover their purpose and achieve their goals.

We are dedicated to creating an evolving global network that fosters personal and organizational connection, collaboration and growth, and equipping people of all ages with the tools and knowledge to enjoy their lives and contribute meaningfully to others.


Our approach—bringing it all together—is as unique as our ethos. On every level we are working to help individuals and organizations connect and grow, by sharing knowledge, providing cutting-edge resources and facilitating the expansion of their networks in meaningful ways. Redstring is a palette of one-click tools and technologies to help our users explore, educate, plan, connect, organize, do business, help others, reach out, get results and enjoy.


We are a highly collaborative, multi-generational company of people driven to create a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use tool to help others realize and maximize potentials. With skills ranging across diverse disciplines and professions, we share a common passion for creating a product that will link and serve people across businesses and borders, real and imagined.


Amy Beller - Director Customer Relations

Amy Beller is a master of problem solving, administrative management, and rapport-building with customers and clients. She has extensive experience in web development, graphic designer, and holds a doctorate in Esoteric Studies and is a Doctor of Alternative Healing. She has served as a consultant to many self/human potential programs. She has been in private practice for over 18 years.

Steve Dejuri - VP Business Development

Steve joined Red String in September 2014, bringing with him a 25-year track record of leading and building multiple high performance sales teams in multiple industries. Steve began his career at Sprint and Periphonics/Nortel Networks, where he was quickly recognized as one of its top five sales executives. He consistently works to create value in developing business-to-business as well as business-to-customer relationships, integrating customers, distributors, resellers and industry experts, by understanding and communicating their values and needs.

Douglas Fitzgerald - Senior Director Media Development

Doug has over 40 years experience in education. He the founder of The National Center for Baby Boomers and Boomer Senior Living International. He currently serves as President of Boomer Authority and President of the International Mature Marketing Network. Doug's passion is for life long learning and providing opportunities for people of all ages to make a difference and leave a legacy. He has taught university courses in social change and organizational management.

Bruce Frankel - Editorial Director

Bruce has extensive background in journalism, as an editor, senior writer and investigative reporter. He has held senior editorial positions at People magazine, USA Today and Gannett newspapers and has authored best-selling and prize-winning books, including World War II: History's Greatest Conflict and What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life? True Stories of Finding Passion, Purpose and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life. He has also spoken nationally on positive aging and is an officer of the national non-profit Life Planning Network.

David Frohman - VP Financial and Insurance Services

David has been a licensed insurance professional for more than 25 years. David's areas of interest and expertise range from financial planning for families to business owner risk and retirement planning. His expertise in tax-qualified plans for professionals makes him a sought-after advisor nationwide. He has a keen understanding of the integrated workings of insurance and investment-and of their legal frameworks. His network of advisors includes some of the nation's leading thinkadvisors. David also has significant experience as a photographer and documentarian. For many years, he traveled the world documenting rural development projects with indigenous peoples. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, and Der Spiegel, among other publications, and included in broadcasts on PBS and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Brian W. Pratt - President

Brian is the President of Redstring, which was founded in 2012. He is responsible for establishing the vision and overall direction of Redstring and bringing together disparate ideas from several disciplines to accomplish it. Brian is passionate about learning and helping others grow and succeed both personally and professionally. He also serves as CEO and COO of Boomer Senior Living International. He is a former director of Nortel Networks and began his career as a senior software systems engineer for Grumman Aerospace. He has taught management at universities in the U.S. and Russia.

Robert Walters - SVP Information Technology

Bob has extensive experience in the management of Information Technology, spanning software development, engineering and aerospace industries. He is responsible for the development of the company's technology infrastructure and its day-to-day operations.