Age Without Borders Global Summit Offers More than 50 Speakers

More than 50 experts on optimizing aging from around the globe are scheduled to participate February 26 to March 4 in the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit—possibly  the largest virtual summit on aging ever held.

Experts from the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, India, Russia, South Africa, and the tiny islands of Tasmania, Malta and Mauritius are sharing insights on health, travel, finance, aging in place, lifelong learning, and technology innovations. 

“The art and science of aging—the future of aging will transform the world. How we choose to age and how our society chooses to deal with its aging population poses, along with climate change, the most critical choices we have before us,” says Age Without Borders organizer Kari Henley.

Age Without Borders's speakers include anti-ageism author Ashton Applewhite, Lyft’s Dan Trigub, leading gerontologist and author Dr. Bill Thomas, Kristine Carlson, National Council on Aging CEO James Firman, and, Jan Hively, Founder of the Pass It On Network

Other speakers include author of Live Long, Die Short and Masterpiece Living President Roger Landry, M.D., author Joy Loverde, Paul Irving, Milken Institute for the Future of Aging chairman, Michael Rossatto-Bennet, Director of Alive Inside, Stephen Johnston of Aging2.0, Dirk Jarre of EURAG and Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General of AGE Parent Europe. They share new research, dynamic best practices and news about global efforts in intimate conversations. The goal of the virtual summit, organizers say, is to bring down borders and biases, expand knowledge and reshape aging around the world.

The online conference promises:

  • Tips for mental and physical health
  •  Innovations in technology, business options for 50+
  • Travel opportunities world-wide on a budget
  • Finance, housing and aging in place experts 
  • Global leaders sharing new innovations, policies and programs
  • Lifelong Learning experts in Active Aging
  • Passion and Purpose- how to Live your Legacy

Understanding our cultural biases against aging in general (ageism) and how to raise our awareness.

This event offers “early bird” registration of $97 USD for an all-access pass, which includes a lifetime access to the 50+ speaker sessions, as well as audio downloads, custom guidebook pages and over $300 in bonuses.

Age Without Borders is also offering a free day pass to attend, and watch each day’s sessions for 24 hours.

“And there are no high conference fees, travel costs or time away from home!” says Henley.  “It’s sort of like being there live - and you can upgrade at any time.”

Age Without Borders Virtual Summit is offering a complimentary ticket . Check out the full speaker schedule and learn more at

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